Greens & Grille


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The only problem with all of this is greed. I had to remind myself on my second visit not to overload the circuits with Gorgonzola and steak and avocado and pancetta, enticing as it all was. When each element sings with freshness, what would be a spartan green salad or vegan sandwich elsewhere becomes a rich symphony of tastes."

—Reviewed by Jessica Bryce Young from Orlando Weekly.

Greens & Grille is an eatery that proves you really don't have to sacrifice taste for health! This unique diner offers variety, quality, and exceptional service."

—Reviewed by Katelyn Perkins from

Now with two locations, it's easier than ever to get a delicious alternative to the typical dining experience. If you're hungry for a fresh meal made from scratch in an urban-casual atmosphere, join those in Orlando who have discovered the simply fresh difference at Greens & Grille."

—Reviewed by Corey Gehrold from